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API features

Bank 131's API is primarily intended for web platforms where people interact with one other – selling things, offering services, teaching and studying online – and want to pay and be paid for doing so, easily and securely.

Some examples of such platforms

  • Online language courses
  • Online stores
  • Accommodation renting services
  • Donation solutions
  • Food delivery
  • Taxis and transportation
  • Delivery and courier services

The Bank only cooperates with the self-employed and legal entities: Russian or international organizations and self-employed persons, small companies, financial organizations. To use the API, you will need to sign an agreement.

What you can do with the API

Transfer funds to individuals' Russian bank cards, to Russian bank accounts, to YooMoney (Yandex.Money) wallets. The sender may be a non-resident of the Russian Federation.

Send payouts to self-employed people

You can send money to self-employed people (for example, teachers giving lessons via an online platform) and check beforehand that the person is in fact registered with the Federal Tax Agency and pays professional income tax. If they are not, you can show them the specialized widget inviting them to register – all as part of the payout process.

These self-employed are individuals who work for themselves and pay taxes to the government of the Russian Federation under a special taxation scheme.

Everything has been approved with the authorities: Bank 131 is an official partner of the Federal Tax Agency.

Accept Payments

This will allow you to receive payments from individuals on your website (or within your app). Only bank cards thus far.

Route split payments

If you need to separate the amount into several parts, you can do this as part of the payment process.

This is a great feature for platforms where some people pay and others get paid, and the platform takes a cut. Freelancers and clients, sellers and buyers, streamers and viewers, teachers, and students – or whoever you want.

What else:

  • Marketplace with stores. A store gets a payment for an order; the marketplace gets a fee.
  • Online store and delivery service. Customers pay for goods and delivery services in bulk; the payment is split and transferred to different companies.

You can split a payment and send parts to different legal entities and/or self-employed. The legal entities can be non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Pay taxes

For now, only "taxes on Google" — this is a tax for foreign companies that provide electronic services to users from Russia.