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Payouts to the self-employed

Self-employed people are individuals who have registered themselves as such with the Federal Tax Agency and pay professional income tax.

Bank 131 is an official partner of the Federal Tax Agency. All operations performed with self-employed people via this API are approved by the Federal Tax Agency and have undergone joint testing.

API features

  • Performing payouts to the self-employed with fiscal receipt (i.e. registering their income with the Federal Tax Agency).
  • Obtaining a link to a receipt after a successful payout (this is needed for accounting to verify your transactions with self-employed people).

What you need to perform payouts

1. The recipient needs to have independently registered as self-employed with the Federal Tax Agency

This can be done:

2. The self-employed person needs to be linked to Bank 131

You check whether the individual is in fact self-employed and is linked to Bank 131 using their INN. If the INN does belong to the self-employed person but is not linked to the bank, you can link it right away.

How to link a self-employed person to the Bank

The scenario of payouts to self-employed people

Payouts to the self-employed are performed as in the general scenario, but the payout request needs to be supplied with the details necessary for receiving fiscal receipts.

  1. You create a payout session separate from the payment itself (session/create) or a single, combined, session (session/init/payout/fiscalization).

    • If you create a payout, you immediately pass the method of receiving the payout, all the parameters necessary for this method, and the fiscalization details.

    • If you are going to connect the widget, you will need to send a request for token creation to access the JavaScript library. You show the widget to the user and obtain their card details.

  2. If you have created the session separately from the start of the payout, you then send the request to start the payout (session/start/payout/fiscalization).

  3. Bank 131 then sends you the ready_to_confirm webhook, which means that the Bank is ready to perform the payout and is waiting for your confirmation.

  4. You confirm (confirm_request) or cancel (cancel_request).

  5. Bank 131 sends you the payment_finished webhook containing the result of the payout. If the status is succeeded, the payout has been performed successfully.

Payouts to the self-employed, step by step

What to check during the payout

Bank 131 performs the payout only if the income in question can be registered with the Federal Tax Agency. If the self-employed person has lost their status or has exceeded the maximum allowed income (the legal maximum is 2.4 million rubles a year), the payout will not succeed.

You only need to check the status of the self-employed person if you want to link them to the Bank.