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Split payments: features and options

A split payment enables you to debit a certain amount from a customer's card and then split it among several recipients, be they legal entities, individuals, or self-employed people.

Who a split payment can be sent to

You can split the payment and send it to:

  • various legal entities,
  • an individual and a legal entity,
  • or a legal entity and a self-employed person.

The legal entities can be non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Why you want it

So that, after the money for the product or service has been received, you don't waste your time paying fees, transferring delivery charges, and calculating how much you owe your partners and vice versa.

It's easier to specify all the amounts beforehand and then never think about it again.

Who it's for

Platforms where some people pay and some people get paid, and the platform takes a cut.

Online stores and services where payments for goods and services are split between partner organizations.

Also franchises, companies with a complex legal structure, and many others.

How to route split payments

There are two ways:

  • out of the box, through Bank 131 (if the payment is split between two legal entities and a fixed percentage is taken);
  • under a specific scheme using this API (in all other cases).

How to enable

If you would like to route split payments, please contact your Bank 131 manager.