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Linking the self-employed to Bank 131

You will need to link self-employed people to Bank 131 if you want to perform payouts with fiscal receipt. This can be done using a dedicated widget.

If you want to perform payouts to the self-employed people without fiscal receipt, you can do this just as you would for individual interpreners.

How to create a linkage

  1. You check the taxpayer status of the recipient of the payout using their INN and the check and request/status methods.

  2. Bank 131 replies that the individual with that INN is registered as self-employed but is not linked to Bank 131.

  3. You connect the widget to link the self-employed person to the Bank called selfemployed.js and show it to the user.

  4. The user enters their INN, agrees to the terms and conditions, and clicks the link button.

  5. Bank 131 sends the Federal Tax Agency a request for the self-employed person to be .

  6. In the widget, the user sees a request to confirm the linkage to Bank 131 in the "Мой налог" ("My Tax") app, as well as the Refresh button.

There are then 3 options.

Option 1

  1. Bank 131 informs you that the linkage request has been sent and that the Bank is waiting for the user's confirmation.

  2. The user confirms the linkage themselves, in the "Мой налог" ("My Tax") app or on the Federal Tax Agency's website.

Option 2

  1. The user clicks the Refresh button in the widget.

  2. Bank 131 sends a request to the Federal Tax Agency to check the status of the linkage and receives a reply confirming that the linkage has been successful.

  3. In the widget, the user sees that the linkage to Bank 131 has been successful.

  4. Bank 131 informs you that the user is linked to the Bank.

Option 3

  1. You send the check request one more time to verify the user's status via INN.

  2. The Bank replies that this user is linked to Bank 131.

Bank 131 does not store the statuses of requests to link self-employed people and does not update the linkage statuses. If the self-employed person has confirmed the linkage but has not clicked the Refresh application status button, Bank 131 will not know this and will not be able to notify you.

To ensure that the user is linked to the Bank, repeat your check request once again.

The check request should not be sent more than once every 30 seconds.

How to test the linking

You may do that in the Federal Tax Agency testing environment.

More information

How the linkage works from the user's point of view

Step 1. The user completes the form in the widget

The user enters their INN and clicks Link.

Linking a self-employed person

The linkage request is then sent to the Federal Tax Agency; the user sees a notification of this along with the instructions.

Linking a self-employed person

Step 2. The user goes to the "Мой налог" ("My Tax") website

The self-employed person goes to the "Мой налог" ("My Tax") website, logs into their account, and then goes to Настройки → Партнеры (Settings → Partners). The self-employed person finds Bank 131 in the list and clicks Предлагает подключиться ("Suggests linking").

Linking a self-employed person

The user checks the permissions that Bank 131 has requested and clicks Подтвердить (Confirm).

Linking a self-employed person

All done. The self-employed person is now linked to Bank 131.