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Payout features

Version 1.8

API allows for convenient and secure mass payments, and additionally, the payment of taxes.

To whom you can send payouts

Any individuals and legal entities, sole proprietors, and self-employed.

For payments to the self-employed, you need to link the self-employed person to Bank 131, and then perform a payout with fiscalization via API.

Where you can send payouts

Who can do this

Sole proprietors and legal entities registered in Russia and abroad.

Getting started

Sign an agreement with Bank 131, complete your legal entity KYC procedure with Bank 131, and complete the integration via this API. Where to begin

How to obtain card details for payouts

If you have a PCI DSS certificate, you can collect bank card details for payouts on your side. If you do not have it, you can use our widget: the recipient enters their card details in the widget and you will receive a token which you can then use to perform payouts to this card.

And the terms?

Prices for payouts are fixed in your agreement with the Bank. You can discuss them with your manager. The limits vary depending on the payout method.