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How to route split payments out of the box

Bank 131 allows you to split payments among different recipients without any extra effort on your side.

You should consider it if:

  • the amount you need to separate from the payment is a fixed percentage;
  • the payment details for both recipients are known beforehand;
  • all the recipients are legal entities.

It will still work if one of the recipients is a non-resident of the Russian Federation.

Who it's for

Marketplaces, large online stores, and other services selling goods and services in partnership with other stores and services.

A couple of examples:

  • A marketplace aggregating various stores. The total of any purchase in this marketplace should be split into two parts: one to pay for the order itself and the other for using the marketplace.

  • A store partnering with a delivery service. A customer pays for the order and the delivery, and the payment total needs to be split between the two companies involved.

How it works

You don't have to do anything: just talk to Bank 131. The Bank will split the payments itself and send them to the various recipients. All the conditions are settled and formalized in your agreement with the Bank.