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Where to begin

Do demo testing (without real data)

  1. Apply on Bank 131's website. A Bank 131 manager will contact you, help you gain access, and answer your questions.
  2. Issue the secret and public key.
  3. Join the Electronic Document Workflow Rules. Fill in your public key into the Application for recognition and verification of electronic signature key.
  4. Inform your Bank 131 manager of your address in the system. This is where webhooks from the Bank will be sent (i.e. notifications of events, for example successful payments and payouts). You can arrange beforehand which webhooks you would like to receive.
  5. Obtain your project's identifier.

Do live testing

  1. Complete your legal entity KYC procedure with Bank 131.
  2. Sign the agreement with Bank 131. To make payouts via FPS you will need to open a current account.
  3. Configure everything in test mode to ensure everything is working.
  4. Exchange data for real operations and check that all the operations are coming through.
  5. Make a guarantee payment to Bank 131 (only for payouts).

All done. You can now negotiate the start date and go live.