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Payout refunds

A successful payout to a Russian bank account may be refunded. This works in cases where something is wrong with the payment details or the account which the payment was sent to ceased to operate.

In this case, the payout recipient's bank will make a refund.

It is always the recipient's bank that returns the payout. You cannot refund a successful payout. You can only negotiate with the recipient to return the successfully transferred funds back to you in all other cases.

How to learn that the payout was refunded

There are several options.

Process the payment_refunded webhook

Bank 131 will send you the payment_refunded webhook with the details of the returned payout. The payout ID will be returned in the field.

Send the session/status request

If you do not receive webhooks or the alternative option works for you better, you can request the payment session status. In return you will get the payout details and, if the payout was returned, the refund details.

Check the payout report

The payout refund details are sent in the payout report. The next day after the payment is returned, a line with the payment details will appear in the report; the Refund value will be in the typeOfPayment field.

How long you should wait

5 days after the payout. If you did not receive the refund during this timeframe, the payout was successful.