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Daily payouts report

The daily report is sent in CSV format to the e-mail address specified in your agreement with Bank 131. If you wish to receive the reports in the XLSX or in a different way, for example, via SFTP, please contact your Bank 131 manager.

How to use the report

The report sent by Bank 131 contains a list of all successful operations for the full day (24 hours). You need to check operations on your side against those in the report to reveal any possible errors.

If an operation is marked as successful on your side but it does not appear in the report, you need to repeat the request.

If an operation is marked as unsuccessful on your side but it does appear in the report, you can stop trying to perform it.

The report is a financial document. If you believe that the report you received contains mistakes, make sure to contact your Bank 131 manager. The timeframe for making corrections is specified in your agreement with the Bank.

Report file name

<Project name>_YYYY-MM-DD_YYYY-MM-DD

Report fields

Field nameFormatDescriptionExample
1operationIdstringBank 131 payment identifier21
2transactionDatestring (date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD H:I:S)The time of payment creation on Bank 131's side2019-06-21 23:17:55
3finishedAtstring (date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD H:I:S)The time of payment completion on Bank 131's side2019-06-21 23:17:56
4typeOfPaymentstringTransaction type. Options: Advice is a payout; Refund is a refund. More detailsAdvice
5paymentFastintPayout type. 0 — is a regular payout, 1is a fast payout via the BESP system (only for payouts to Russian bank accounts).1
6paymentSessionIdstringPayment session identifier23
7contractstringThe number of your contract with Bank 131100-C-000000
8paymentSessionMerchantMetadatastringYour additional data that you passed within the request for the operation{"test_data":"test"}
9paymentMethodIdentitystringThe payment instrument (masked card number, account number)420080******8800
10productstringThe product or service identifier according to the agreement with Bank 131new_test_payouts
11grossLocalAmountdecimalThe sum of money for which the service is provided (total)110
12paymentLocalAmountdecimalThe sum of the payment (request)100
13feesLocalAmountdecimalBank 131's fee (grossLocalAmount - paymentLocalAmount)10
14currencystringThe three-letter currency code (ISO)RUB
15receiptstringOnline receipt. Optional field, not included by default.
16rrnstringRetrieval Reference Number: the unique identifier of a bank transaction12345678

Payout types (typeOfPayment)

  • Advice is a successful payout.
  • Refund is a refund of a successful payout. Only for payouts to Russian bank accounts. Can be refunded upon request of the payout recipient's bank. More details

How to receive large report files

In case of large amount of data, Bank 131 is able to send report files with one of the methods below:

  • CSV or XLSX file split into parts in CSV or XLSX format.
  • single ZIP archive file (CSV or XLSX file archived).
  • ZIP archive file split into parts (CSV or XLSX file archived and then split into parts).

This can help to deal with the issues when your email server cannot process a single email file with a size larger than specified. To know more about this service, please contact your manager at Bank 131.

In some cases, Bank 131 can split and/or archive reports based on their own business and/or operational needs.

You can specify the number of transactions you want to receive in each part of a report to split the report file in accordance with that number.

Example of split report


Report example

Download report example