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Via FPS by a phone number

You may make a payout to an account of an individual by their phone number via Faster Payment System (FPS).

To make payouts via FPS, you need to open a current account in Bank 131. After that the Bank signs you up to the Faster Payment System.

If you need to check whether a recipient is registered in FPS before making a payout, call the fps/customer_verification method. It is optional and we recommend that you use it only when a payout is made to new payment details for the first time.

To see the up-to-date list of banks participating in FPS, visit the official FPS site.

Mandatory payout parameters

payment_methodPaymentMethodPayment data
  typestringvalue: bank_account
  bank_accountBankAccountPaymentMethodBank account
    system_typestringBank transfer system Always: faster_payment_system
    faster_payment_systemFasterPaymentSystemFPS data
      phonestringRecipient's phone number
      bank_idstringIdentifier of the recipient's bank in FPS
      descriptionstringPayout purpose How to set this out
  amountintAmount in ruble decimal format. The value must be greater than zero. If you are sending 100 rubles, you will need to specify 10000
  currencystringCurrency code according to ISO 4217. Case insensitive. Always: rub

Identifier of the recipient's bank in FPS

You can download a JSON file containing all the recipient banks identifiers here.

How to perform the payout

The payout is performed as in the general scenario. Open parameters are passed. You do not need to use the widget.

See the payout scenario

Payout via FPS request example

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-PARTNER-SIGN: sign' \
--header 'X-PARTNER-PROJECT: test-partner' \
--data-raw '{
"session_id": "ps_2704",
"payment_method": {
"type": "bank_account",
"bank_account": {
"system_type": "faster_payment_system",
"faster_payment_system": {
"phone": "79680000000",
"bank_id": "100000000069",
"description": "Wire for agreement № 5015553111 Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich VAT exempt"
"amount_details": {
"amount": 30000,
"currency": "rub"
"metadata": "good"