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Payments via bank card

You can accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, or MIR cards.

Card payment scenario

  1. You create a payment session that is separate from the actual payment (session/create) or a single combined session (session/init/payment).

At this point, you can connect the payment form widget.

  1. If you are not using the widget and have created the session separately from the start of the payment, you then need to send the session/start/payment request.
  2. Bank 131 sends you the ready_to_confirm webhook, which means that the Bank is ready to make the payment and is waiting for your confirmation.
  3. You confirm (confirm_request) or cancel (cancel_request).
  4. If you are making a payment without a payment form, Bank 131 sends you the webhook action_required. This means that you will need to take additional action to perform the payment. For instance, the user might need to go through 3-D Secure.

    If action_required does not include a link to 3-D Secure (which means that the card is not enrolled in the 3-D Secure program) and the ready_to_capture webhook came right away, cancel the operation. Otherwise, it will be performed without 3-D Secure.

  5. Redirect the user to the address for 3-D Secure.
  6. Bank 131 sends you the payment_finished webhook containing the result of the payment. If the status is succeeded, this tells you that the payment was successful.

Card payment diagram

This diagram shows the payment stages after the session was initiated and the payment created.

Card payment diagram