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Escrow account features

An escrow account is an intermediate account that allows parties — the beneficiaries — to securely handle transactions and hold funds. An escrow account is owned by a third-party entity, that charges fees on transactions requiring this escrow account.

As of today, the only currency available for escrow accounts is the Russian ruble.

You can manage payouts from an escrow account using our API. Also, you can use the API or online banking to obtain your account statements.

General scenario on how to work with an escrow account

The general scenario of work with an escrow account is as follows:

  • Verify beneficiaries.
  • Replenish an escrow account.
  • Make a payout from the escrow account.

Note that the scenario may vary in some steps depending on the escrow account agreement.


When a payout is made from an escrow account, two transactions are created: one for the amount of the payout and another for a fee charged by Bank 131.

The escrow account owner may also charge an additional fee for transactions related to their escrow account. This fee will be transferred to the settlement account of the escrow account owner in Bank 131.

The fee can be charged for every payout, daily, weekly, or monthly. To choose the right option, contact your manager in Bank 131.


Depending on your beneficiary account, an escrow account beneficiary can be an individual or a legal entity, a payer or a payee. Contact your manager to learn who is your escrow account beneficiary.

To verify a beneficiary of a legal entity, fill out a form provided by your Bank 131 manager.

To verify a beneficiary of an individual, use our API verification method.

How to work with an escrow account

How to top up an escrow account

To top up an escrow account, file a remittance order.

You can set up notifications on topping up your escrow account. To do that, use this API method.

Payouts from an escrow account

You can make payouts from an escrow account:

Escrow account balance

To check your escrow account balance, log in to your online banking account or use the API method.

Escrow account statement

You can obtain your escrow account statement for a period of up to 1 year from your online banking account. Either, use the API method to obtain a 1-day statement.