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When a transaction has a beneficiary, Bank 131 must verify the recipient before processing.

It may be so if you cooperate with the self-employed on the agency basis (where the self-employed is your beneficiary and you are the agent receiving payments on their behalf) and send them payouts or split payments.

Or when you make transactions using an escrow account, the funds on the account belong to the beneficiary. The beneficiary may be an individual or a legal entity, depending on your legal model. If you do not know who the beneficiary is, contact the Bank 131 manager.

To verify the beneficiaries that are individuals, that are legal entities, you will need to fill in a form. The form will be provided by the Bank's manager.

To verify the beneficiaries that are individuals, use this API.

If you do not know if you have to verify the recipients, you do not need to.

How to set up interaction

Interaction with the API goes the other way than usual: you need to use CryptoPro to sign the requests. That is required by law.

Learn more about interaction

How to perform a verification

Step 1. Send the verification request

Send the check request with the individual's information, and Bank 131 will check the details in the IEIS.

You will receive the verification request ID.

Step 2. Check the result

Send the check/{id} request with the ID you received in the previous step.

It may take 10 minutes to 2 days before you get the verification result.

If it is all right (status success), send the money.

If you send a duplicate cheсkrequest with the same details (inn and agent_contract_number), you will get the error (description already exists) as a response to check/{id}.

In the error description you will receive the previous verification's ID by which you can learn its status.

Example of a response upon repeat verification

"status": "error",
"error": {
"code": "already_exists",
"description": "Request with the same data already exists"
"data": {
"id": "7" // previous verification ID

How Bank 131 knows the data are verified

When sending a payout to a self-employed, you need to specify the taxpayer identification number (INN in Russia) in the tax_reference field. This taxpayer identification number will let Bank 131 know that the self-employed has passed the verification.

When sending a payout from an escrow account you specify the beneficiary's INN in the beneficiary_id field. The Bank will process the transaction after the beneficiary has been verified.